Chimney Repairs

A chimney may be constructed out of brick, mortar, clay flue, or steel all of which may deteriorate as the result of prolonged contact with water. Water damage to chimneys may not be evident until serious damage has already occurred. Call now to have your chimney evaluated.

Chimney Pan and Flues Before & After

Chimney Repair Before 1
Chimney Repair Before 2

Chimney Flue Before & After

Chimney Flue Before
Chimney Flue After

Cracked Chimney Crown Before

Crown Seal Before SSF
Crown Seal Before 2

Cracked Chimney Crown After

Crown Seal After Completed 1
Crown Seal After Completed 2
Crown Seal After Completed 3
Crown Seal After Completed 4

Clay Flue Before & Enervex Fan After

Residential Enervex Fans

Clay Flue Before
Enervex Fan After

Brick Fireplace Before & After

The fireplace after has new refractory panels, gas logs, an inside fit, and new glass doors.

Masonry Brick Fireplace Before
Refractory Panels Gas Logs Inside Fit Glass Doors After

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