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Is an Electric Fireplace or Electric Fireplace Insert the right choice for you?

Our solutions will help you transform your non-efficient wood-burning fireplace to a low-maintenance, safe option that adds ambiance to your home, an electric fireplace insert might be a great choice.

With ultra-realistic flame patterns and innovative technology developed by hearth experts, the solutions we offer make it possible for electric fireplaces to stand next to the organic allure of gas and wood systems — setting new industry standards and making an electric fireplace the right solution for your home. 

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Electric Fireplace Inserts
Electric fireplaces offer warmth and ambiance without the need for venting or extensive renovation work.
When considering an electric fireplace insert, our professional service technicians will measure the space & ensure compatibility with your existing fireplace or the designated area for installation. Additionally, help you consider the heating capacity, style, and additional features that suit your preferences and home decor.